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My Mission

I've been on a mission to figure out my mission for awhile.

I usually jump in, try not to look back, make sure I’m connected, find a little something to share, to create, to give & to celebrate. 🐸

Im finding it's about connection, inspiration & spreading a little froghappiness! .. and I love a challenge.

I’m always trying to figure out what I do well so hopefully make a difference. In my twenties, "I thought I was going to be somebody".

Now it's about sharing my experience and learning from others. Doing stuff and finding ways to celebrate even when the world seems crazy and life is hard. It's mostly about finding ways to connect and hopefully to inspire. It not so much anymore about making a mark, leaving a legacy or changing the world. And during the last many years it's been about being creative and sharing my path with others.

In the end, can I share my experience, my talents, interests and put them all together to help others, to connect, inspire and hopefully make a difference?

Ask me about my mission.

And please tell me yours.

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