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Kids Rooms! - continued

After art school 20 years ago, I began my froghappy! art business - decorative painting and art - just for kids.  When i used to do the murals, the best moment was when the son or daughter would run into the bedroom with earnest big “wow!”. Could it be any better when a little person has that wide-eyed big happy fun smiling energy? I cherished those moments.

My artwork had always playful with bright colors. Kid inspired. Sometimes for kids. Sometimes for the kid in me.

I took a lot of workshops, found 100% respite through learning, creating and repeatedly trying to capture the beauty & quiet & awe especially in my Water & Waves paintings.

Connecting with new subject matter & creating these new paintings has been an important part of my creative journey. It’s been an overwhelmingly important part of my personal journey…

So what? I miss being around kids. It’s fun. And people keep asking me about my colorful barns They're fun.

Although Im not longer creating murals in kids rooms (ladders are tiring haha), I would love to create some paintings that will end up there. I would love to do commissions for kids room in order to bring a little persons vision to life … to create something that will inspire them in whatever way we can imagine. To brighten and bring a lot of love to a kid’s room is the essence of the beginning of froghappy!

ps the photos of me here is from Summer 2001 doing my first little girl's room!

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