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Gift of Tennis

During 2020, I had the privilege to work with Valerie Clarke to illustrate, design and layout her fun and informative tennis book, Gift of Tennis. The paperback book written with the adult beginner in mind is now available for sale for $9.99 through Amazon.  BUY ON AMAZON!

More about Gift of Tennis: Gift of Tennis is an easy read, with whimsical drawings to illustrate many of the author’s simple yet poignant tennis concepts such as “A Cup of Tea and a Tennis Ball”. The 45 short chapters, referred to as “Court Thoughts,” span four categories: technical, tactical, mental, and practical. Each is addressed in a personal and insightful way creating a new approach for players to improve their overall game.  Filled with personal anecdotes, Gift of Tennis is written with the adult beginner in mind, though many court thoughts offer nuggets of wisdom to benefit players of all abilities.  For more about Valerie Clarke, the book and Valerie's innovative coaching philosophy, check out her constantly updated website and blog: “A wonderful book that gets to the heart of why we all love tennis so much. It’s equal parts inspiration, practical guidance and wisdom all wrapped up into an engaging and heartfelt package. Packed with insights that are sure to impact your life on and off the court. Thank you for your contribution to the sport, Valerie." —Ian Westermann Founder and Head Tennis Professional, Essential Tennis “I love how this book explains the basics of tennis in an interesting and reader friendly way that helps beginners as well as intermediate tennis players understand all aspects of the game. You can feel Valerie’s passion for tennis by the words in the book.” —Paul Laurie Racquet Sports Director, Manlius YMCA  "Valerie Clarke guides us through this interesting and original court companion with a sure hand and steady pace. She makes it fun and exciting to learn to play better tennis. Tennis is an investment for life, and this book will be a priceless long-term partner." —Professor Raymond Dwek, CBE, FRS Director Oxford Glycobiology Institute, Oxford University 


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