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Caz Art Trail - Starts Today!

The 11th Annual Cazenovia Art Trail is here.

Today & tomorrow, 10am-5pm both days Please stop to see me (stop #3) at 20|East in the village of Cazenovia.

I will have Art Trail maps for you to take with you & to show all things artsy going on in Cazenovia. I'm also excited to raffle the watercolor painting pictured here to raise money for Debbie's Brain Cancer Research Fund. The painting is valued at $600. There is so much going on in Cazenovia and going to be a perfect fall weekend! 🍁🍂☀️Hope to see you!

MORE ABOUT CAZARTS & THE ART TRAIL Cazenovia is celebrating its 10th year of the Art Trail. It's a great way to see Cazenovia, enjoy the beginning of our area's change of season and to be inspired by the artists and beauty in our community.

The Art Trail is an annual self-guided tour of artist’s studios or art hubs and is a unique opportunity for the public to come meet artists in their creative environments. The Cazenovia Art Trail is a program developed by the Cazenovia Community Development Association (CACDA). Since 2012 this event has been coordinated by a small dedicated group of community members, artists and non-artists joining together to celebrate and promote arts in our community. This is a 100% volunteer effort! To support the Cazenovia Art Trail please purchase art from our participating artists or donate here. Let's get this party started! Ribbit. 🐸

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