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Oil, 8x10”, Price is framed

From Caz Library "Exploring Creativity" Exhibition:

"Thank You Pink (Left and Right)" 
These paintings were the first two pieces after the Cows.  I was blown away by how loose the left handed painting was.  And oh yeah, I cant stand the right handed one.   I over worked it, didnt know how to finish it, wanted to get rid of it, wanted to paint over it... but I ended up keeping it and decided it was a good painting example to demonstrate the difference between painting left vs right handed and how the process had worked from the beginning.  They actually work really nicely as a pair. 

SUMMARY:  I stuck with the Left and Right handed process because 1) I liked the challenge, 2) I love a challenge, 3) I was so excited to see the difference in how I approached the same subject with each hand, 4) I started learning stuff, 5) I like learning stuff, 6) I started researching how the left and right sides of the brain work differently and how using the left and right sides of the body trigger each side of the brain, 7) The brain is cool.  

Thank You Debbie, Pink! (Right)

  • If you are not able to pick up your painting or if you are not nearby, I will package and ship your painting. Thank you for helping me by paying additional for this.

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    Thank you for helping me by paying additional for shipping.

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