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Acrylic on Board, 9x12",

Price is framed.


A few notes about Cupcakes, process & Wayne Thiebaud:

Cupcakes & Process: I like working in series. Many of the same subject at the same time. Because I like to learn. Following up from yesterday, I love a challenge. Last year, Caz Library asked me to do a painting class for kids on Zoom. The challenge: 1) learn acrylic, 2) figure out what the age group would like, 3) learn Zoom! 4) figure out how to teach to paint a cupcake “Wayne Thiebaud” style. In the end I painted Eight 9x12” acrylic cupcakes plus one more during the zoom class. That’s a lot of cupcakes! (This is one of the last ones left of the series) ps who doesnt love cupcakes?! pps would be super cute in your kitchen or a kids room.

Wayne Thiebaud: Favorite art book = Wayne Thiebaud’s Painting Retrospective. First, the art reproduction is gorgeous, 2nd it’s from the first exhibition of his work that I ever saw and last, it has cakes on the front. A gimme. Wayne Thiebaud turned 100 on November 15, 2020. He is my favorite artist and “Cakes” which I’ve sat in front of and stared at for many hours, many times is my one of my favorite paintings of all time. 🎂🎨💞

Happy Birthday Thiebaud! (Series)

  • If you are not able to pick up your painting or if you are not nearby, I will package and ship your painting. Thank you for helping me by paying additional for this.

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    Thank you for helping me by paying additional for shipping.

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